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Acta Neurologica Moldavica


Instructions to authors
» Scope and Purposes
Acta Neurologica Moldavica is an international, multidisciplinary journal which publishes in English, French and Romanian, original, high quality experimental and clinical research papers.
The journal serves as a forum for scientific reports within the field of neurologic diseases, but in the same time all brain or nerves dysfunction, the most important interest being to a multidisciplinary research. This will be in the benefit of all romanians from Moldavia divided by river Prut.
» Types of Papers

The following types of papers not previously published or being considered for publication elsewhere, will be considered.
Full-length papers reporting results of original research in areas within the scope and purpose of Acta Neurologica Moldavica.There is no page limit for these manuscripts but a maximum length of 10-12 printed pages is encouraged. This papersw will be given priority in the rviewing and publication processes.
Short communications when it is considered that the results of a research should be made known rapidly to others workers in the field. The maximum length allowed is one page. Brief reports should include brief original studies or reports on one or a small number of cases.
Rapid communications. This section is reserved for experimental and clinical reports of exceptional interest and immediate application. The format is the same as that for original papers.
Review articles includes manuscripts and long research. There is no length limitation, but they must have no more 75 references.
Illustrations and tables must be very clear in order to scan them. Each illustration  must have a legend pf up to four lines
Tables should be on a separate sheet or file.

Color illustrations: Up to 6 color illustrations per page can be integrated with text at the reduced price of 400 € per page. Color illustrations are reproduced at the author’s expense.

Acta Neurologica Moldavica is published twice annually. Subscriptions run for a full calendar year. Prices are given per volume, surfage postage included. Orders can be placed directly with the Publisher. Personal subscription: 30 €, institutional subscription: 50 €. Cont BCR Iaşi – 2511.1 – 1795.1 /ROL.

  • Correspondence and single issues requests should be addressed to the Publisher
  • Books for reviews are accepted by special agreement.
  • This journal is been registered with the Copyright Clearence Center by Contact international ISSN 1221-3977 as indicated by the code appearing the last page of each article. We hope this journal will be regularly listed in bibliographic services, including Current Contents and Medline.
» Submission

Manuscripts should be sent to:

Liviu Pendefunda             
Acta Neurologica Moldavica
2, Ateneului street
Jassy  6600  Romania

Manuscripts must be submitted in duplicate (with two sets of illustrations) typewritten double-spaced on one side of the paper and the same information on CD-rom or PC-disks (electronic version).

» Conditions

All manuscripts are subject to editorial review. Accepted papers became the permanent property of Acta Neurologica Moldavica and may not be repro-duced by any means in whole or in part without the written consent of the publisher and the Managing Editor. It is the author’s responsability to obtain permission to reproduce illustrations and tables from other publications.

» Elements of the manuscript

Authors with their office address.
Title of the paper
Key words up to 5, using whenever possible terms from the medical subject headings of Index Medicus.
Abstract (up to 150 words) should be provided in a structured format and should briefly describe the problem being addressed in the study, how the study was performed, the redsults and the authors conclude from their results using the following sections: objective, design, setting, patients and participants, interventions, measurements and results, conclusions.
Introduction. The nature and purpose of the work should be outlined briefly.
Materials and methods. Clinical and technical procedures should be included. If studies were approved by an ethical committee, it should be stated. Authors of animal studies should state that they adhered to the guidelines of animal experimentation of a physiological society. The material and methods section must be set in a small print.
Results should be presented clearly, concisely, without comments.
Discussion. Results should be explained and related to those of others authors. Their significance for clinical practice should be defined.
References and Acknowledgments should be limited to the significantly contributions.