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 Orfeo ed Euridice - 1859 Berlioz Revision - Act II Scene 2 - Ballet of the blessed spirits
Acta Neurologica Moldavica


Vol. 23, No. 1-2, 2013
» Man of the Century
Academician Irinel Popescu - 60 years dedicated for surgery, research and education of young generations of doctors
(Valeriu Matei)
Behind all things is God
(Dumitru Constantin Dulcan)
90th Aniversary of the Birth of Academician Gheorghe I. Pendefunda
(Ionel Maftei)
» Review
Multiple Defect Theory and the Reactivity Index Pendefunda
(Octavian Laurențiu)
» Original Papers
Medical Information Management Module for Patients with Parkinson Disease
(Liliana Cucoș, Cătălin Iov, Liviu Pendefunda)
The Role of Ion Channels in Stroke Prevention
(Pendefunda L, Liliana Cucoș, Alin Iordache)
» Abstracts
Pendefunda Reactivity Index and Stroke Prevention in Vascular Dementia
(Liviu Pendefunda)
» Miscellaneous
Arcul Reflex Noetic
(Liviu Pendefunda)
» Cover
Apocalips, acrilic on canvas
(Elleny Pendefunda)